Damn Yankees
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Middle-aged real estate agent Joe Boyd is a long-suffering fan of the Washington Senators. “I’d sell my soul for one long-ball hitter,” Joe says, and soon the Devil, disguised as smooth-talking Mr. Applegate, appears. The Devil offers to transform Joe into 22-year-old baseball phenom “Joe Hardy,” but for a price. Joe must leave his beloved wife, Meg, and all the rest of his suburban life behind. Dogged by the suspicious sports writer Gloria Thorpe, and tempted by Mr. Applegate’s devilishly delicious seductress, Lola, Joe becomes the star of the team. But will he live to regret fulfilling his dreams of baseball glory? Mr. Applegate will do anything to win Boyd’s soul and have the Yankees win the pennant! This classic musical comedy is a modern retelling of “Faust,” and delivers great entertainment set against America’s great pastime.
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